How to refer to SKUP reports



Each SKUP evaluation is presented in a SKUP report to which a unique report code is assigned. The code is composed of the acronym SKUP, the year the report was completed and a serial number.


Correct format of referral  when used for maketing purposes

If the SKUP name is used in marketing, there should always be a reference to and the report code in question. A correct format of referral will be β€œReport from the evaluation SKUP/year/number,”. For this purpose, the company can use a logotype containing the report code which will be available for the requesting company together with the final report.


Correct format of referral in scientific publications

A correct format of referral in scientific publications will be β€œSKUP. Report from the evaluation SKUP/year/number. Name-of-the measurement-system (name-of-producer), a system for measurement of name-of-the-component, (accessed date).”
















 Last modified: 2019-03-11