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Summer 2018: SKUP, Scandinavian evaluation of laboratory equipment for point of care testing. Until now the SKUP-name has been composed of initial letters in “SKandinavisk Utprøving av laboratorieutstyr for Primærhelsetjenesten” (Scandinavian evaluation of laboratory equipment for Primary health care”). The aim of SKUP is to improve the quality of near patient testing in Scandinavia. In line with our aim, and the increasing use of point of care testing in various settings, the letter P in the SKUP-name from now on will be the initial letter in "Point of care testing".

April 2018: Under the option "Evaluation results", a summary of the accuracy results from the 10 latest SKUP evaluations of blood glucose systems for self-monitoring of blood glucose is presented in tabular form.

November 2017: A jubilee year for SKUP! It is 20 years since the start of Scandinavian evaluation of laboratory equipment for primary health care, SKUP. An article presenting SKUP and SKUP's achievements these 20 years was recently published in Klinisk Biokemi i Norden, a journal published by the Nordic Federation of Clinical Chemistry

October 2017: SKUP introduces a new approach to evaluate Strep A equipment and rapid tests. The evaluation will be performed in primary health care using throat swab samples. All companies producing or selling Strep A tests are welcome to contact SKUP for more information and for a proposal for an evaluation.

January 2017: SKUP is pleased to announce that SKUP in Denmark henceforth will be operated by DEKS (Danish Institute for External Quality Assurance for Laboratories in Health Care).

Spring 2015: SKUP in Denmark is unfortunately not in operation until further notice, and it will be difficult to reach our Danish SKUP contact. We apologize for this and ask Danish customers to make contact directly with the SKUP secretariat (see under "Contact us").

Spring 2014: In order to improve our service, SKUP introduces a client contentment survey as a follow-up after each evaluation. When the SKUP-report is completed, the client will receive a questionnaire, where detailed feedback can be given to SKUP.

January 2013: An option with information for IVD suppliers has been added to the SKUP web-site.

March 2009. Cooperazione con CIRME, Università degli Studi di Milano. SKUP enters into an agreement with CIRME; Centro Interdepartimentale per Referibilità Metrologica in Medicina di Laboratorio, University of Milano, Italy. Read more

August 2008: A folder with information about SKUP is available. The brochure text is written in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish as well as English. Contact the secretary of SKUP to get a copy of the folder.

SKUP-statement: SKUP as an organisation has no responsibility for publication of SKUP results on other web-site than

SKUP-statement: For the time being, SKUP is not able to take on assignments with evaluations of rapid tests for fecal occult blood (FOB).

SKUP-statement: The SKUP evaluation protocols are in continuous development. Sometimes it can be difficult to compare earlier results and reports with more recent.

SKUP-statement: To qualify for an overall good assessment in a SKUP-evaluation, the measuring system must show satisfactory analytical quality as well as satisfactory user-friendliness.

SKUP-statement: For the time being, SKUP will not take on assignments with evaluations of rapid tests for Chlamydia trachomatis. Read more